Living Life to its Fullest (or trying to at least)

The very first time I was told I had cancer, I was 31 years old. For 31 years I did EXACTLY what I was told…by mom, my dad, friends, family, society in general. Graduated with honors, never talked back to my mom or dad, married the guy you write home to mom about,  became the housewife, the mommy, and everything else in between. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of it and still do! But when your told you have about 5 months to live, you tend to rewind your life in your brain, much like a movie reel but in fast motion. If you know anything about me, I am a loyal to a T, I used to worry about everything and anything I could, actually my worrying even kept me up at night and it would be over stupid things, things I could not control anyway. Always been pretty boring never going out of my box, not even peeking out of my box. Well, in summer of 2012 I peeked out of my box and went to France for 10 days. Visited a castle, was waited on hand and foot, had liver pate, sting ray with fava beans and the best crème brulee ever! Visited Lourdes, oh yeah and got to model jewelery. Since then I have visited Turkey about 10 times (that’s a really long story in itself) visited fairy chimneys in Cappadoccia 3 times, saw where Rumi is buried in Konya, walked in an actual underground city, prayed inside the Blue Mosque, walked in the hallways of Hagia Sofia, saw Enrique Iglesias in Ankara, walked under a bridge that Cleopatra had been on hundreds of times, drank Turkish and pistachio coffee, visited Kos Greece and saw the actual tree under which Hippocrates used to teach his students, picked figs off of a fig tree, had a Greek style picnic as the sun was setting, visited Venice Italy for New Years Eve then went back 2 years later in Spring, rode in a gondola, ate authentic pizza with prosciutto, had the best damn desserts ever! And most importantly fell in love with the most AMAZING, HUMBLE people that I call my extended family. AND if it were not for me to get cancer, I would never have visited these amazing places that you only read about in magazines while your waiting to get your teeth cleaned or met these remarkeable people! I am 100% sure of that! BUT I also have to thank my family for allowing me to do such things and visiting these places and giving me the wings to fly. There are people who live to be 100 but only go through the motions that is called “life” then there are kids who are terminal with cancer who have lived more than an adult. I am still waiting for the Dalai Lama to R.S.V.P. to my lunch date with him but while I wait I will plan my next adventure. Please, don’t wait to face death directly in the eyes like I did in order to live, open your minds, open your souls, even if you don’t have the money to visit an exotic place then go eat an exotic meal at a local restaurant that you’d never thought you would try. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought that I would be eating sting ray and love it as much as I do, or learning how to make Turkish coffee in Istanbul! And now, in between my adventures, I try new things right here in my own back yard. In the days to come I will post my pictures from my travels its just a tiny little taste. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed being there, but for now LIVE LIFE TO ITS FULLEST, your only given one life! Butterfly kisses to all!


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