Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies-Recipe of the day #2

I personally love anything peanut butter and I came up with a simple and healthy yet satisfying option when I want something sweet. If you have an allergy to peanuts that’s ok, I have made these little gems with almond butter and sunflower butter as well and were just as delicious! I should also mention that I make them with coconut sugar it tends to keep the glycemic index low but you may use any sweetener you’d like.When I make any type of cookie I like to display them on my beautiful COOKIE plate, my good friend gave it to me one year for my birthday not only do I think of her when I make cookies but they always seem to taste better when displayed on my lovely plate! We do eat with our eyes first! Enjoy! And until next time butterfly kisses to all🦋.                                                              


-2 cups creamy or crunchy peanut butter

-1 cup coconut sugar 

-2 eggs

-1 Tbsp vanilla extract

-1 cup chocolate chips ( at this point it’s up to you , you can experiment and use white, dark, toffee chips or add walnuts or chopped pecans)


Oven 350 degrees F

-In a medium bowl add all ingredients except the chocolate chips and mix well

-When mixed well then add the chocolate chips and gently mix again, refrigerate for 10 minutes so batter is not too smooth this will prevent the cookies from spreading so much

-prepare a cookie sheet with parchment paper and drop spoonfuls of the batter onto the baking sheet. Bake for 5-6 minutes and let cool. 

I enjoy my cookies with a great cup of ☕️ coffee.


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