Kickboxing My Way Out of Stress

Yesterday I was up at 4 a.m. Why you ask?? Well, I have tried yoga, aerobics, and meditation in the past as a form of de-stressing myself. After getting cancer, my endocrinologist suggested yoga but I just can’t get into it and aerobics? Forget it! And I can totally relate to Liz Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love when she says that she can’t focus enough to meditate. I find myself thinking about cleaning out the refrigerator and making a shopping list in my head when it comes to meditation. So I have been wanting to do kick boxing since I was in high school and I have been trying to come up with ideas to de-stress and just feel better all around so I suggested to my almost 20 year old daughter that I wanted to try kick boxing and to my surprise she wanted to try it too! So going back to getting up at 4 a.m. I wanted to get in an early class (first class was free) I don’t know what it was but from the second I stepped into the place I felt like it was just right, like I knew I was going to love it! And you know what??? I totally loved it!!! Actually both my daughter and I loved it! It really pushes you and gives you a workout but something about putting on boxing gloves and hitting a huge object that really helps my stress levels. I ended up joining and getting a membership, my daughter is going back to college in northern Michigan or she would have joined too. I have to say I felt great all day long. Since I’m leaving for Florida in a few days, I made the member ship begin 2 days after I get back and I really can’t wait to go back! So my point of the matter is everyone goes through stress even if it’s just a little stress we all go through it! And it’s normal to go through it, what’s not normal is how we handle it sometimes. We get angry we tense up and end up getting really stressed. I remember asking a nurse in the hospital “how do I prevent myself from getting cancer again?” Her answer??? “Don’t stress” easy? No! Manageable? YES! I finally found my way to de-stress through kick boxing and also my walks around our metropark I am able to help myself heal…. so what’s your way of de-stressing? I urge you to try different things and stick to what works for you….it’s so important for our physical well being but also for our mental well being. So find what clicks for you and then you’ll be able to fit another piece of the puzzle that is know as your life! Butterfly kisses to all🦋


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