Hi I’m known as the sexy butterfly. I have battled papillary thyroid cancer since 2003 (I am now in remission) from the age of 31. I have never smoked a cigarette in my life, touched a drug or abused my body in any way, and ironically? I am a nutritionist, so yes cancer can happen to anyone at anytime. But more about that later. I was born and raised in Michigan, 100% pure Italian runs through my veins. I love reading, I love anything that has to do with mysteries, something about trying to solve “who did it” and I especially love my Columbo. I love a crisp Autumn day and between the months of late August to early November I love anything pumpkin and leaves. I love to travel and have been to Venice, Rome, Turkey (Istanbul, Alanya, Mersin, and everywhere in between), Kos Greece, Southern France (Toulouse and Lourdes) Canada (Old Quebec, Montreal, Niagara Falls, Toronto, and Windsor), Florida, New York, and of course everywhere and anywhere in beautiful Michigan! I absolutely love to cook and bake, there is something therapeutic about it, I tried yoga but cooking is where I get my zen! I speak 3 different languages but you’ll figure out which 3. I have so much more to share so come along with me on my journey through life. As I go to my doctors appointments, I will take with me on my travels, you will be my taste testers to my recipes, I will teach you a bit about nutrition, a bit about beauty tips, you will learn more about thyroid cancer and as strange as it may sound, I thank my lucky stars for getting cancer because I would not give up the lessons the butterfly taught me for anything in the world! Butterfly kisses to all!